SAIWA Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall observe the highest standard of integrity, reliability, honesty with due regard to the confidential and responsible nature of the profession.
  2. The responsibility of members for the welfare, health and safety of the community shall at all times come before their responsibility to sectional or private interests, or to other members.
  3. If called upon to give evidence or to speak on a matter of fact in the practice of the profession at any time or place, a member shall report what the member knows or verily believes to be the truth.
  4. Members shall neither maliciously, nor improperly injure directly or indirectly the reputation, prospects, or business of another member of the profession.
  5. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will not prejudice in any way the interests or reputation of the Institute and its membership or the business of another member of the profession.
  6. Members shall not, in the course of a member’s business or in connection with the security profession, accept instructions or business on the basis that no charge or fee will be payable if a successful result is achieved, but this rule shall not prevent members from offering their services without reward for:
    1. Charitable or public purposes or;
    2. The purposes of advertising or promotion of the Institute or the business of its members generally.
  7. Members shall perform work only in their areas of competence.
  8. A member shall respect the relationship of confidence and trust which exists between a member and his or her principle, and shall therefore not disclose information becoming known in the course of the practice of the security profession without the consent of the principle.
  9. Members shall not offer or receive any improper financial or other inducement to secure or accept instructions.
  10. The Institute shall be non-political and non-sectarian.