Applicants for the following licenses must complete an approved training course with an approved training provider prior to lodging an application:

  • Security Officer
  • Security Officer cash in transit
  • Security Officer guarding with a dog
  • Security Bodyguard
  • Security Officer monitoring station
  • Crowd Controller
  • Investigator
  • Consultant advising on watching guarding and protection of property.
  • If the training provider is not listed as approved your training qualifications might not be accepted.

Before enrolling in a security course if you have any criminal convictions, you should contact Police Licensing Services (Security and Probity) on 1300 171 011 to ascertain whether you are eligible to be issued with a license to work within the security industry.

Download a List of Security Training Providers approved by the Commissioner of Police to provide security training

Download Details of core and elective training units required for Security License classes