Legislation and Regulations

Changes to the Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations

The security and related activities (control) regulations have been amended to require those applying for a security license (watching, guarding and protecting or crowd control) will be required to sit and pass a prescribed written examination.

While the amendments were published in the government gazette on the 29 July 2016, it is anticipated that the implementation will not take effect until all policies and procedures are in place.

Members will be kept informed.

Western Australia Legislation for Video Surveillance Devices

This document is an analysis of the Western Australia Surveillance Devices Act 1998; its purpose is to highlight some widely held misconceptions regarding where video surveillance cameras can be installed and what can be recorded.

Download Western Australia Legislation for Video Surveillance Devices (PDF)

What is legislation?

Legislation is the act of making or enacting laws. When people talk about ‘the legislation’, they mean a law or a body of laws. ‘The private security legislation’ in a state or territory is all the laws enacted specifically to control and administer the private security industry.

What are regulations?

Regulations are the way that the legislation is applied. They are generally very specific in nature, and are also referred to as ‘rules’ or ‘administrative law’.

Regulation of the private security industry is a state responsibility. Each state and territory has its own legislation and regulations listed below.

ACT Security Industry Act 2003 (ACT)
Security Industry Regulation 2003 (ACT)
NSW Security Industry Act 1997 (NSW)
Security Industry Regulation 2007 (NSW)
Workplace Surveillance Act 2005
NT Private Security Act (NT)
Private Security (Crowd Controllers) Regulations (NT)
Private Security (Security Firms) Regulations (NT)
Private Security (Security Officers) Regulations (NT)
QLD Security Providers Act 1993 (QLD)
Security Providers (Crowd Controller Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
Security Providers (Security Firm Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
Security Providers (Security Officer – Licensed Premises – Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
Security Providers Regulation 2008
SA Security & Investigation Agents Act 1995 (SA)
Security And Investigation Agents Regulations 1996 (SA)
TAS Security And Investigations Agents Act 2002 (Tas)
Security And Investigations Agents Regulations 2005 (Tas)
VIC Private Security Act 2004 (VIC)
Private Security Regulations 2005 (VIC)
WA Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 (WA)
Security And Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997 (WA)