Perth Crime Statistics by Suburb – The West Australian

Want to know about Crime in Your Suburb.

The statistic are out for 2015/2016 as published by the West Australian on Thursday 27 July.

You can see all the stats here. Some suburbs had significate increases, some had decreases.

You can protect your loved ones and your property by investigating crime prevention solutions.

Just make sure you choose a Licensed Security Professional and remember “If They are NOT Licensed – Don’t Let Them In”

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CCTV Guidelines

The West Australia Police are establishing a register of CCTV systems within the state, registration details will be held centrally in a protected database, the database will be used to map the location of CCTV systems for use by Police investigators. CCTV footage is an invaluable tool for investigators and we are seeking your help to find out where these CCTV systems are.

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